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The Blind Pig

Underground Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

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Secretly tucked away in Dublin city centre, there is an underground cocktail bar known for the quality and artistry of its cocktails that truly evoke the mood of a 1920s speakeasy — The Blind Pig.

Named after the police who turned a blind eye to the liquor rooms of the 1920s prohibition era. The Blind Pig was established in 2011 originally as a pop up, by international award-winning bar tender Paul Lambert. Many years later the importance of our drinks programme, food to match, along with our great hospitality shows that little has changed. The devoted appreciation of the many visitors throughout the world is a testament to that.


The drinks programme at The Blind Pig involves constant testing, tasting, trialling and repeating, until what goes in the glass is good enough to go on the menu. Guests can get involved in the process by experiencing our daily specials board where our bar tenders trial their drinks to receive the best independent feedback; the guest’s.

“Enquiring, experimenting, and elevating the roots of historical mixed drinks, spiritedly served up by Team Blind Pig”

Andrew Ennis – Principal Bartender


With casual dishes like spaghetti meatballs, or more sophisticated like fresh lobster or prime strip-loin. The New York Italian food served is accessible for everyone and can be described as casual fine dining, complementing the atmosphere, entertainment and drinks perfectly.

“New York Italian… from the city that made the speakeasy famous”

Salvatore Carluccio – Executive Chef


Music at The Blind Pig calls back to the jazz age with a modern twist. With old classics and variations of them to new original music by professional musicians that take their art very seriously. With live music most nights check out our Entertainment page for up coming acts.

“Soul, blues, swing, jazz and razzmatazz”

To make a reservation, use the reservations tab. Once booked you will then receive instructions on our location, which is less than a five-minute walk from Trinity College in the Dublin’s city centre next to Grafton Street. For last-minute bookings or if you wish to pop in for a quick drink, just give us a call on + 353 ( 0 ) 1 565 4700.

To organize large group bookings, special events or cocktail classes, please email