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Cocktail Classes

At the Blind Pig we love to teach ! Alongside our monthly cocktail class, we also run private classes on request for groups of 8 or more. Whether it is a corporate or a private event, we would be delighted to invite you in and show you how to make cocktails like a pro !

What is a Blind Pig Cocktail Class all about ?

In our regular Cocktail Class, you will receive a welcome drink while we introduce you to The Blind Pig Speakeasy, alcohol, and cocktails in general and we will even throw a bit of history in. Then, after the introduction, you will each have an opportunity to learn how to make, and then drink, three different cocktails. This class costs €60 per person. You can choose to have platters before your class or a sit-down meal following it upon request.


In our Team Building Cocktail Masterclass, everyone in your group will receive a welcome cocktail upon arrival and we will then teach you how to make cocktails. The bartender will show you various techniques and give you advice on flavour combinations, which drink and liqueurs go well together with what syrups and bitters and how they all suit different cocktails, and then, using this knowledge that he has just given you, he will then show you how to make five or six different cocktails using these techniques. After that, it’s your turn.

He will then break you all up into teams and each team will be given a period of time behind the bar with all of the alcohol, homemade syrups, liqueurs and bitters at their disposal and, under the guidance of our bartender, be tasked with creating a unique cocktail. Afterwards, each team will have to present their drink to the room and our bartender will judge them based on the balance of the flavours, the techniques used, the fluidity of working together as a team. There is extensive knowledge in this class where we do our best to teach you how to think like a bartender and, best of all, how to create new cocktails from scratch. This class costs €60pp. There is a minimum of eight participants or €480 for this class and a service fee of 12.5%. Please note that the maximum number of people we can accommodate is 12 for the class.

For larger parties – We can accommodate up to 24 persons for a class but this would require two teachers so that the group can receive the same high-quality class that a smaller group with one teacher would. In this case, you will get twice the knowledge and twice the experience. One group will learn technique and all things bar based with Pat, while the other group learns about history and theory with Andrew. After one hour, the groups will swap. The cost for the larger class booking is €60 per person.

To book, all we need is a deposit of €10 per person. The deposit is redeemable against your outstanding bill at the end of the class. If you need to cancel or change the date of the class, the deposit is refundable 48 hours before the start time of the class.

Monthly Cocktail Classes

Once a month, our wonderful bartender Andrew Ennis holds his intimate Monthly Cocktail Class. This class is available to the public for groups of just one person up to groups of 4. This class is ideal for a date or just a fun activity to do with friends. In this class, you will receive a welcome drink on arrival and begin by learning how to host a party, kicking off with an emphasis on the importance of Punch. You will learn how to use what you have in your own kitchen to make simple yet delicious drinks for your guests. You will also learn about bitters, liqueurs and the importance of getting the right balance of sweet and citrus. To teach via example, you will be made samples of the classics such as Margaritas, Martinis and Manhattans.

Alongside an exciting history and background of cocktails and mixed drinks, you will learn key techniques for making drinks that are up to par with the pros. With this knowledge acquired over the class, you will get time behind the bar with everything at your disposal to create your own cocktail from scratch!

The class will be held from 1–3pm and costs €60 per person with an added 12.5% service charge.


Monthly Cocktail Class Dates 2024:

May 25th
June 1st
June 29th

July 6th

July 27th
August 3rd
August 24th
September 7th
September 28th
October 5th
October 26th
November 2nd
November 30th
December 7th