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The Very Best Drinks in Dublin

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” Dublin should be on your list of places to visit this year. It is an especially popular place for visitors during the sunny summer months, and at this time you can enjoy the lovely parks in the city, the fresh sea breeze as well as some great festivals. “

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Underground Cocktail Club

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The Blind Pig is a new and welcome addition to the cocktail scene in Dublin. The city is often overrun with a plethora of overly-sweet, luminous concoctions that have little resemblance to the types of drinks once celebrated in bars ….

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Take a Virtual Tour

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Chances are nobody has heard of it, and you can’t even get there unassisted. Check Facebook to find out if it’s open, damn these guys are covert. Give them a call and a name and if you’re lucky someone will meet you on the street and take you ….

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This is a little bit of a secret on the Dublin cocktail scene and it changes venue often. They pride themselves on being a little underground and they have a huge range of cocktails but try the Tom Collins for a treat of a lifetime…

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