The Blind Pig

There’s not much to say here. Literally, can’t say much or I’ll burst the bubble on this lil operation. You see, alcohol isn’t illegal in Dublin, in fact it’s quite the opposite – it is clearly promoted. A land which houses the Guinness factory and Jameson Distillery has no shortage of bars or places to grab a cocktail. However, what it does lack is a sense of exclusivity – which is provided by The Blind Pig.

First step is easy, shoot them an email From there you will be provided with step by step instructions to get your ass into the place with a drink in hand. This will include locating a subtle black door in downtown Dublin, ringing a buzzer and providing a secret passphrase. Once through the doorway make your way down a back alley and enter a flight of steps that leads you into the basement of an unknown restaurant. The last thing to do? Sit down and enjoy!

The interior plays off of the 1920’s prohibition era vibe including cocktail menu’s hidden within novels as to not be discovered by wondering eyes. If you don’t find something you like on the menu (which you surely will) the mixologists here make specialty catered cocktails to your likings, and will surely satisfy your liquid cravings. The cuisine is mostly Italian including a fine array of meats, cheeses and quality pasta’s which are perfect for sharing as well.

The speakeasy theme isn’t new, it may even be overdone at this point. The reason it feels right at The Blind Pig and not cliché is it’s done proper right from the get go. It stands by the very fundamentals it was built upon and operates by a simple set of rules which you will discover upon arrival. With it’s popularity growing it’s best you get in their and try some cocktails before the Beer Baron comes knockin’.

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