Welcome to the Blind Pig

Chances are nobody has heard of it, and you can’t even get there unassisted. Check Facebook to find out if it’s open, damn these guys are covert. Give them a call and a name and if you’re lucky someone will meet you on the street and take you through the dark alley and down a stairwell, forget everything your mama taught you about strangers.

Welcome to the Blind Pig. The great Paul Lambert dreamed this place up and created all the cocktails on the menu. This is a chameleon of a place that transforms from a music bar to a prohibition pub to a private venue, depending on the day. We scored live music on a Saturday night, and a Bourbon-based Ward 8, named for the Boston voting district during Prohibition.

The menus, hidden in the pages of old books set on the tables are a nice touch and although BarChick never cared much for rules, gems such as “no dirty martinis” and “don’t bring anyone here that you wouldn’t leave alone in your own home” made for pretty reading!

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